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City of Los Angeles Mail - thanks and follow up 

Debbie DynerHarris <> 

thanks and follow up 

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Becky Dennison Thu, Jul 7, 2016 at 5:39 PM 

To: "" <> 

Cc: Marie Kennedy , Sylvia Aroth , Linda Lucks 


Thanks for taking the time to meet with us yesterday to hear our concerns and opposition to the Venice Beach BID, both 
in principle and in this specific context. You asked specifically what we'd like to see now. 

Overall, we’d like the Councilmember to reconsider his support for the BID or, at the very least, remove the City property 
and funds from the approved BID area. 

Understanding from our conversation that isn’t likely, at a minimum we’d like to see the BID member vote and Council 
approval vote delayed until: 

1. There is reconsideration of the amount of public land and funds included in this BID, or alternate mechanism(s) 
proposed for public control over the public funds in the BID 

2. There is reconsideration/revision of the management plan that includes a larger and more diverse set of voices, 
including removal of or minimizing expenditures on private security 

3. There is a mechanism(s) included for those that are not commercial property owners to have a voting interest in 
the BID 

4. Outreach and education is done among BID stakeholders and other impacted community stakeholders 

We also have a couple of follow up questions. First, we would like to know who the officers and/or staff of the Venice 
Beach Property Owners Association are, as they were approved as the BID entity in the council action and the only 
information online is that they recently incorporated and their agent for service is Steve Heumann. Second, we’d like to 
know the justification for including the strip of Venice Blvd between Pacific and Abbot Kinney in the BID as there are no 
businesses located there, it doesn’t align with the rest of the map, and has the appearance of being included solely as 
an opportunity to include more City-owned land and assessments. Any information you have on either of these 
questions would be appreciated. 

We are happy to respond to any follow up questions about the reasons for our serious concerns about the impact the 
BID will have on decreasing public control of public land and funds, accelerating gentrification, changing the culture and 
character of the Boardwalk and Venice overall, and increasing civil rights violations against homeless residents. 

As clarification, there are many community partners and other stakeholders opposed to the BID, and we are only 
speaking for VCH in this email. 

Thanks again, 1/4 


City of Los Angeles Mail - thanks and follow up 


Becky Dennison 

Executive Director 

Venice Community Housing (VCH) 

720 Rose Avenue 

Venice, CA 90291-2710 

(310) 399-4100, 

FAX: (310) 399-1130 



VCH helps low-income people stabilize their lives through non-profit affordable housing and comprehensive skills training 

Debbie DynerHarris <> Mon, Jul 11, 2016 at 1:44 PM 

To: Becky Dennison 

Cc: Marie Kennedy Sylvia Aroth , Linda Lucks 

Hello Becky. Thanks for the email. I will certainly communicate VCH's desire to reconsider his support of the BID, or 
remove City property and funds, but as you suggest, it is unlikely for him to do either of those things. I also believe that it is 
too late at this point to do either. I also don't see him stepping to delay a vote, but I will also make sure he hears that 
request and the others you include as well. 

As I understand it, the people who organized as the "Venice Beach Property Owners Association" only did so for the 
purposes of forming the non-profit as required for this process. 

As I said in our meeting, there is no actual board at this time. The eventual board of directors will vote and decide on who 
the office holders are, and the board can also vote to change the officers of the corporation as well. 

In terms of what properties were included in the BID, I would recommend you speak with Tara Devine, who was hired by 
the property owners to shepherd this process through the Clerk's office. She can discuss their reasonsing behind the BID 
boundaries. She can be reached at 



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Debbie Dyner Harris 
District Director 

https ://m ai I l/u/0/?ui=2&i k=682aa2ce4f&view= pt&cat= Venice%2FBID&search=cat&th= 1 55c7f257b5a30ea&si m 1= 1 55c7f257b5a30ea&si ml- 1 55e. . . 2/4 


City of Los Angeles Mail - thanks and follow up 

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Becky Dennison Tue, Jul 12, 2016 at 9:48 AM 

To: Debbie DynerHarris <> 

Cc: Marie Kennedy Sylvia Aroth , Linda Lucks 

Thanks Debbie. We are disappointed to hear that nothing will be done in response to our concerns. 

That said, there has to be a Board of Directors in order for a non-profit to incorporate - they sign the incorporation 
papers. So there is a Board for the Property Owner's Association and I think it's reasonable for the public to know 

who they are prior to the Council vote on August 23 rd , since the organization and its current Board will be given initial 
authority over the BID and its resources. We'd still like to know that information. 

Talk soon. 

From: Debbie DynerHarris [] 
Sent: Monday, July 11, 2016 1:44 PM 
To: Becky Dennison 

Cc: Marie Kennedy; Sylvia Aroth; Linda Lucks 
Subject: Re: thanks and follow up 

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Debbie DynerHarris <> Tue, Jul 12, 2016 at 9:57 AM 

To: Tara Devine 

can i provide her this information? i presume so but not sure if the three board members are okay with that? 

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Debbie DynerHarris <> Tue, Jul 12, 2016 at 4:39 PM 

To: Becky Dennison 3/4 

8/4/2016 City of Los Angeles Mail - thanks and follow up 

Cc: Marie Kennedy Sylvia Aroth Linda Lucks 

I believe that the board will be formally elected if the BID is officially approved and formed. Again, I urge you to reach out 
to Tara Devine with detailed questions as I am not going to be your best source of information. 


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